Try Scuba Diving


* 1 day

Refresher Course

$100 - 1 Day Pool

Open Water Diver Course


* 3-4 days

Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx)


* 1 day


Advanced Open Water Diver

$350 + Dives

* 2-3 days

Ever wanted to try before you buy? Now you can! Let us get you underwater in the pool so you can decide if scuba diving is right for you before you purchase a course!

Has it been a while and you need a tune up? We offer a one day refresher in the pool or a two day refresher which includes a pool day and a day offshore!

Starting at 10 years old you can get a NAUI Open Water Certification which certifies you to depths of 60 feet. 

*Includes eLearning, rental gear, pool session, and 4 saltwater dives including a day on our charter boat!

Do you want to extend your bottom time, lessen your surface interval, and maximize every dive? Combat that nitrogen build-up with Nitrox.

Want to explore new dive sites while expanding your diving skills? Then an advanced course is for you. Become certified to depths of 130 feet, hone in on underwater navigation and explore new depths at night!

Rescue Diver Course


* 3 days

Master Diver Course

$650 + Dives

* 3-5 days

Divemaster Course

$1000 + dives

* 4+ days

Instructor Course

$3000 + books & dives

* at least 10 days

Want to become a more confident diver? Then a rescue course is for you. Learn how to handle panic situations along with CPR and first aid.

This is the highest level of a recreational diver. Dive into the physics of scuba diving while learn how different scuba equipment functions. Also learn how to make dive profiles as you are in control of your dives.

Take the first step into becoming a dive professional. Completion of this course allows you to lead on dive charters and assist instructors in scuba classes.

Time to take your scuba training to the top? Let us help you learn how to instruct and present all aspects of scuba diving to the future of scuba diving.

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