Dive Sites

Hospital Hole

A 140 foot deep spring off of the Weeki Wachee River that can only be accessed by boat. The name Hospital Hole was developed because it is a site where injured fish go to heal before returning to the ocean. There is a hydrogen sulfide layer that is roughly around the 70 foot mark. This site is great for advanced open water divers.

Bendickson Reef Tanks

Apart of the Bendickson Reef in Hernando County there are 10 M60 Patton main battle tanks submerged over an 11 acre area. These tanks have coral growth and hold lots of fish on them because they were sank in April of 1995. The average depth is approximately 25 feet for this dive site.

Ghost Ship

Also apart of Bendickson Reef is Hernando County's newest shipwreck called the ghost ship. The ghost ship was built in California in the mid-80s and has been to Mexico, South America, the Bahamas, and Florida. The name "Ghost Ship" was made due to know one knows how it made it to Hernando Beach. The ship now sits at the bottom of the ocean in about 25 feet of water surrounded by reef balls.

Jim Champion Reef

Jim Champion Reef was developed in the early 90s and hosts several concrete culverts and a sunken steel barge. This dive site holds in about 20 feet of water.

Hernando Ledges

There are numerous ledges in Hernando that hold lots of life. Tons of coral, fish and sharks call these ledges home. The ledges we offer range in depths of 30-35 feet deep.

Shallow Rock Piles

There are numerous shallow rock piles just out of the canals in Hernando county that are great for snorkeling. You will see grouper, snapper, sheepshead, puffer fish, crabs and on most occasions sea turtles!

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