Owner, Chris Harris

Chris Harris is the owner of Bottom Time Charters. He holds a Bachelors degree in Public Administration from Barry University. Chris is also certified as a Master Diver. He enjoys being in the water and teaching new divers about the different type of equipment needed for their dives. Chris is well versed in the different brands and benefits of new dive gear. 


Captain/Instructor, Mike Weekly

Mike Weekly is a NAUI Instructor along with maintains a 50 ton masters captains license. Mike has been an avid outdoorsman his whole life. He become a certified scuba diver back in 1996. Since then Mike fell in love with the sport and has since wanted to share his passion for scuba diving and love for the ocean with others. Mike is knowledgeable in teaching open water all the way through professional dive master. 


Instructor, Justin Lovett

Justin Lovett is a NAUI Dive Instructor. Justin holds a Master Degree from Albany State University where he played football. He went on to play semi-professional football where he retired. He has always loved being in the water and became a dive professional. Justin continues to share his passion for scuba diving with others focusing on breaking the stereotypes of diving within the African American community. His passion for diving allowed him to co-found Unicorns of Diving which has been recognized by the National Association of Black Scuba Divers - NABS. 


Instructor, Darrell Berry

Darrell is a NAUI Instructor that started scuba diving about 4 years ago. Darrell's passion for diving lies 20-30ft below the ocean in Venice Beach in the form of a shark's tooth. He started the East Bay High School Dive Club to share is passion at the school he teaches at. 


Dive Master, Greg Santos

Greg Santos is a NAUI Dive Master. Greg Santos has been diving with one goal in mind, where is dinner? He has won in spearfishing tournaments and is out almost every weekend somewhere grocery shopping underwater. Greg just recently became a NAUI Dive Master to lead dives and share his knowledge of spearfishing with others.

The Bottom Time Charter's team looks forward to guiding you in making knowledgeable decisions both above and below the water. 

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